TV Cabinet made of MDF panels, by Randy

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TV cabinet (interior IKEA BESTA) with MDF panels. The MDF panels are finished at the edges (rounded) and sprayed in matt black (RAL 9005). It was intended that the MDF panels completely cover the interior of the IKEA Besta.

How did you make the furniture?

I used an IKEA BESTA module as the interior of the furniture, measured panels on it and ordered from The panels ensure that the interior is not visible, giving my amplifier and other equipment more space at the rear. After receiving all panels, all hinge holes were drilled before going to the paint shop. Every visible side is covered with a panel. The sides of the top are rounded off from 1-2mm. In this way, the furniture gets a luxurious and sleek appearance!

What have the dimensions become?

The total furniture is 3.20 m.

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How next?

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