Custom TV cabinet: a cabinet in which the TV disappears, by Willem

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Homemade TV cabinet by Willem with TV lift

If you are looking for unique DIY projects that give your home a personal touch, then Willem's inspiration project is exactly what you need. He proudly presents: our TV cabinet with TV lift, a piece of very good customization that makes any living room shine. The beautiful sawing work, provided by, forms the basis of this striking piece of furniture.

The construction of a beautiful TV cabinet

Made from MDF Blank of 18 and 22 mm, the TV cabinet excels in functionality. With seamless fine sawing and a sleek design, the streamlined look offers a practical appearance that fits perfectly into any contemporary interior. From the smooth surfaces to the carefully hidden storage spaces, the cabinet has been thought out down to the smallest detail.

Why this cabinet is perfect in your living room

Position this TV cabinet in the living room and makes the television disappear when not in use. Thanks to the neutral color and timeless design, the furniture fits seamlessly into any living room. Moreover, it blends in with the interior.

A project with countless advantages

Making your own TV cabinet, as Willem did, has many advantages. First of all, it offers flexibility in sizing; You determine the dimensions yourself so that the cabinet fits perfectly in your space. You can also choose from various materials, depending on your taste and budget. The costs remain within limits, because you do not pay for a factory design, but only for materials and tools.

The style of Willems TV cabinet

The minimalist design of the cabinet lends ideal for modern and Scandinavian interior styles. The clean lines and the absence of visible handles contribute to a soothing and structured living atmosphere. Willem's TV cabinet is completely finished and shows that simplicity is beautiful.

The advantages of MDF Blank

MDF Blank 18 mm and MDF Blank 22 mm are extremely suitable for custom-made furniture. This material is not only durable and stable, but also easy to machine and finish. The evenly smooth surfaces are ideal for a sleek varnish or paint, giving every cabinet a personal touch.

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