TV cabinet made of MDF, by Rinke

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I could not find a suitable TV cabinet for my collection of Blu-rays, game consoles and audio equipment. Making it yourself with help from the hardware store is difficult, in my personal experience, because the wood is not always cut to the millimeter. Then I received a tip from a colleague to take a look at, because he had good experience with that. With the help of I could easily realize my desired TV cabinet made of MDF.

TV cabinet made of MDF

I first made a design myself for the realization. This is designed so that everything would fit. Then I filled in everything on the website, all parts of the TV cabinet were ordered in MDF Natural. I was pleasantly surprised how easy the ordering process was, and that I had a lot of choice in delivery times. The delivery was exactly at the agreed time. The delivery person delivered the order neatly to my shed, 40 meters away. Everything was neatly sawn to the millimeter. All individual items were labeled with the sizes and my personal name of each panel. This made assembly a piece of cake, everything fit exactly and the MDF is of high quality. 

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I am very satisfied with the service of and if I had known in advance I would have ventured into a more extensive design!


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