New skirting boards for the kitchen made of MDF moisture-resistant black, by Ruud

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2 minutes

Description by Ruud

Our floor had to be replaced from a solid wooden floor of 22 mm thick in the living room and kitchen to a laminate floor! So looking for new skirting boards for the kitchen unit. Old skirting boards had become 2 cm too narrow. I approached several kitchen suppliers, but no one could deliver what I wanted in terms of color and, what was important, the correct width! And most of them were made of driftwood! The problem was the sizes I wanted to order. I could only use standard sizes and then cut them to size myself.

How I made this project

So I found via Google. First I carefully measured which sizes I wanted. I emailed about how I could best finish the edges. Those possibilities were very great. I wanted a rounded corner on one upright side, that was no problem. Everything was filled out shelf by shelf on the site and given a number. It is useful when it is delivered that you have everything in order. The ordered planks arrived and were accurate to the millimeter. Moisture-resistant MDF black! It was delivered neat and tidy. I made the skirting boards fit on the left and right, painted them twice in clear boat lacquer, also remember the end side that goes on the floor!

Dimensions of my DIY project

Dimensions skirting boards:
49.8 x 13.6 cm
200 x 13.3 cm
210 x 14 cm
170 x 13.4 cm

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