Homemade high skirting boards from MDF, by Tim

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Tim shares his experiences making homemade high skirting boards from MDF, which gave his space an elegant finish. Dive into the process and admire the results of this handy DIY project that has added a professional look to his interior.

Description by Tim

High skirting boards made of MDF. Cut to size. Then they were primed one by one. The end edges several times as they absorbed the paint quite a bit. Finished with PU lacquer.

How I made this project

Neatly sawn and rounded planks of MDF, primed and varnished. Alternative to skirting board factory. This is coordinated with the upper floor and the bedrooms around it, giving it a luxurious look. The right-angled corners require little sawing. Secured with High Tack and then sealed. Together with the PU lacquer, this provides a sleek appearance. Measuring and such takes the most effort and I underestimated this. So I still have too much left, but this will find another destination.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Depending on your space. I had 2 cm thick skirting boards.

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How next?

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