Making a structure for an existing wardrobe in the attic, by Anne

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Anne shares her handy DIY project on our blog, in which she creates a smart structure for an existing wardrobe in the attic. Her explanation provides you with tips and instructions, so that you can get started to make optimal use of the space in your home. Discover how you can create a functional solution with simple adjustments to keep your clothes and belongings organized in the attic.

Description by Anne

A structure on the wardrobes in the attic. So that the cupboard fits nicely under the sloping roof and partly in the dormer window. The structure has no bottom.

How I made this project

Everything was first sanded, primed and varnished. Then glued the shelves and placed them on the cupboard. The job was completed quickly because everything was cut to size via I opted to glue everything instead of screws because of the possible splitting of the plates. This connection is strong enough as the whole is properly clamped to the cupboard against the sloping roof. Finally, add spots for finishing and finishing touches.

Dimensions of my DIY project

142.0 cm by 55.0 cm

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How next?

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