Bulkheads/storage space in the attic, by Stephanie

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2 minutes

Description by Stephanie

I provided the small space under the sloping roof of the front attic and attic with doors to create storage space. I have thought about the system for a long time and also considered sliding doors, for example. In the end I thought that doors would give the sleekest result and would be the easiest to realize. I underestimated the job, but I am very happy with the end result. The fact that the MDF arrived sawn to size was a relief. It is sawn very precisely and the round finish on the edges feels nice (this is not a standard finish, but requires a small extra contribution).

How I made this project

First of all, I protected the PIR insulation boards with hardboard using: construction adhesive to the plates. I then attached a beam horizontally along the entire width of the floor and laid carpet behind it. I attached smaller beams vertically to the beam. The hinges would be placed on this. I then painted the MDF with Histor kitchen cabinet lacquer (first treated the sides with edge sealer). Then I attached the doors with hinges from Blum. Finally, I attached snaps to open the doors easily.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The outside dimensions can be adjusted to your own situation.

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How next?

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