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Inspiration project: Windowsill with integrated step and box

Are you looking for a way to give your interior a personal and practical touch? Then take a look at Jovan's project, who has enriched his living room with a multifunctional windowsill. This homemade piece of art combines a step, a stepladder, and a box in one and is completely custom made with materials from

The structure of the project

This DIY project shows the transformation of MDF panels into a stylish and practical windowsill. Jovan has chosen to use MDF Primed 18 mm, a material known for its strength and ease of processing. The design is clever: a raised windowsill that not only serves as a beautiful plateau for decoration, but also offers extra storage space thanks to the integrated steps and chest. The white MDF fits seamlessly into the light interior and offers a fresh, modern look.

Color and unique details

The choice of white primed MDF gives a fresh and modern look that is used in many interiors fits. The striking thing about this project are the yellow accents that give a playful effect and make it unique. The clean lines and simple, but practical design ensure that this piece of furniture fits perfectly in Jovan's living space.

The ideal place in the house

The windowsill is in the living room, close to the window and provides an excellent overview of the garden. The windowsill also serves as a comfortable seat to relax with a cup of coffee within reach. It is a perfect addition to the room, where functionality and style go hand in hand.

The benefits of making it yourself

By making this project himself, Jovan was able to specifically adjust the sizes to the space that was available. The flexibility in dimensions ensures that every centimeter of the living room is used optimally, something that is often more difficult with pre-made furniture pieces. In addition, making it yourself offers the opportunity to save on costs and choose high-quality materials that match your personal style.

Style description

The style of this project can be described as modern with a playful twist. The end result is a sleek white windowsill with subtle yellow accents that give the project character.

Advantages of MDF Primed 18 mm

MDF Primed 18 mm, as a wood choice, has many advantages. It is a material that is easy to work with, which means that Jovan had the opportunity to have the wood cut with millimeter precision at The base coat on the MDF also makes it easier to paint, as the surface is already primed. This leads to a nice, smooth and sleek end result.

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