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Very easy

2 minutes

Making authentic window sills

We wanted to provide our 1930s home with authentic window sills again. Because there were already wooden battlements, we opted for pine window sills.

Order custom pine wood

We wanted to make new window sills for our 1930s home. Because there were all wooden battlements on the window frames. We chose to also make the window sills from wood.

We opted for the pine carpentry panels , because they have good properties for a windowsill. First we measured everything and then decided that we wanted to make all window sills 20.0 cm deep. I ordered all of these to size.

A cardboard mold

We have first made a mold from cardboard to see if the windowsill will fit exactly. We then drew the template on the wood. We then cut this out with a jigsaw, because the wood was already to size, these were only a few cuts. With some frames we had more space under the frame than others. So we glued some window sills to the surface. We clamped others under the battlements with blocks, then screwed them to the wooden battlements with screws. We then removed the adjusting blocks and filled the space with cement. After we have secured everything, the edges are sealed and finally we painted the whole thing.

Exterior dimensions of the windowsill

We kept the same depth everywhere, namely 20.0 cm. The width obviously depended on the width of the frame. We chose the thickness of 28 mm for a robust appearance.

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