Homemade dog kennel for Cuby and Coco from MDF, by Albert

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Albert has created a homemade dog kennel from MDF for his faithful four-legged friends Cuby and Coco. The project offers a glimpse into the process of building a comfortable and safe space for the dogs.

Description by Albert

We had a kennel for 1 dog, then a new one came puppy bee. They go so well together that I decided to make a new kennel that met the sizes I had in mind and where they would both fit. I came across - TOSIZE.it - by chance and was surprised to see that there was black MDF, I wanted the kennel in black so I ordered it straight away. Accurate to the millimeter and delivered very well packaged.

How I made this project

We currently have 2 dogs, we already had a Malinois and a Maltese/poodle cross was added Because they get along so well together, I decided to make a larger kennel, suitable for both dogs together. I made a drawing myself based on the 2 doors already available, it was actually just a matter of screwing them together correctly. Because the plates were exactly the right size and according to my sketch, everything fit exactly.

Dimensions of my DIY project

120x60x66 cm

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How next?

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