Guinea pig hutch with lighting, by Mariella

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Description: Spacious guinea pig hutch with lighting and plexiglass. Requirements: - Primer 2 cans. - Paint 1 can - Paint materials - Screws and tools - Plexiglass and U-profiles - Supplies for guinea pigs. Color The color chosen is called "Rock" and is a dark gray color. I opted for white legs because my home radiates white and gray. Why this design? Because I now have 4 guinea pigs and they deserve the space with a nice viewing window for the owners! In addition, despite a small house, I opted for an L-shape so that the balcony door on the side can still be opened in the summer. Sizes My cage is an L-shape. The sizes are: - 165x95x45 cm - 95x95x45 cm Extras With LED lighting you can set any color you want. But also dim the lighting when it gets dark, so that your pets are not blinded. Aluminum profiles have been chosen so that it gives a luxurious look instead of plastic.

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