Homemade beams from MDF for a skylight

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Very easy

2 minutes


False beams with built-in LED spotlights. Consisting of four elements with two spotlights in each. These are then hung two by two with a bracket in the middle to conceal the seam.

How did you make the beams?

After careful research into where I could make my custom panels If I could have it sawn with sloping and right-angled edges, I came to OPMAATZAGEN.nl. Now I could start my work project without any problems. To prepare the beams, I laid the panels flat, right-angled sides together, and temporarily secured them together with paper tape. Then turned the panels over and glued the right-angled sloping sides. By using the tape I can easily put the panels together after gluing. After the glue had hardened, I cut out the holes for my LED spotlights and provided a finishing layer with silver. Since I used MDF Black V313, it was not necessary to provide an extra first layer. After sanding the silver layer I achieved a result that should look like metal. The two large beams consist of two parts that I attached to the provided blocks on the ceiling. I subsequently finished the opening between the two parts with a bracket. Ultimately it will look like one full beam. All wiring to connect the spotlights has been placed in the beams themselves. You can see the results in the photos.

What are the dimensions?

Length 360.0 cm, Height 15.0 cm, Width 12.0 cm

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How next?

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