Ceiling finished with MDF cove

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I made a double ceiling cove measuring 112mm high and 212mm high. Specially made to accommodate our extractor hood, exhaust pipe and remote-controlled and dimmable lighting.

How did you make the ovens?

We had all the MDF Lacquer Carrier 12mm custom-made sawn and have the base plate provided with rounded edges for better visual work. Then 2x2 attached to the wall and ceiling. Then also screwed a 2x3 to the bottom plate. Then I screwed the fronts of the coves to the ceiling 2x2 and the base plate. Finally, I placed the fronts on the 2x2 on the wall so that everything fits together and creates a cove as shown in the photos. We then coated the end result twice with Ral 9010 high gloss.

What are the dimensions?

1x 3100x400x112 mm


1x 2740x320x212 mm

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How next?

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