Exhibition base made of primed MDF, by Niels

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Very easy

2 minutes

In this DIY project Niels shares his creation of a professional trade fair pedestal made of primed MDF. His step-by-step guide and helpful tips show you how to create a DIY plinth that's perfect for your next trade show or event. Add a touch of professionalism and customization to your presentation with this practical and stylish pedestal. Follow Niels' example and impress your audience.

Description of Niels

Plinth for the fair. With a camper on which sensors are dismantled for the caravan/camper.

How I made this project

Wood arrived already primed and was sawn perfectly to size. Glued together in a square, this was very easy due to the 45 degree corners on each plank. The planks glued really beautifully and I did NOT have to use any wood filler! Then secured to a steel frame. This was cut to size and welded. Then painted and assembled with artificial grass and a caravan. The door was a loose plank, which was painted separately and glued to the steel frame with a bracket.

Dimensions of my DIY project

150x50x50 cm

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How next?

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