Column custom made from MDF in the color Subtle Stone from Flexa, by Jill

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Description by Jill

Get your own inspiration from a photo on Instagram or from a book or Pinterest. I like developing new ideas. I saw a photo with a column full of lanterns. Wow, how cool, I thought. I would like a large column like that for the bay window. One where you can put enough decorations on. Your most beautiful pieces. We ordered the custom wood from We chose MDF that was already primed. I chose the color Subtle Stone from Flexa. A beautiful beige shade. If you ever want to order something custom-made, this is really ideal. What a solution.

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How I made this project

We mitered all the corners so that they flow seamlessly into each other. My friend attached the planks together with wood glue. For strength, he opted for a thin slat in the corners of the column. He also made two slats under the column, so that it is free from the ground. Add some felt and you're done. I then did the painting. Between the two layers I sanded it with a fine grit (400).

Dimensions of my DIY project

80.0 x 35.0 x 80.0 cm

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