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I built a void in my studio, as a base and base Ikea IVAR cabinets with a custom-sawn construction on top by, always perfectly custom-made in the desired plate! /p>

Work description: how did you realize your project

I wanted to build a storage space in my studio that extended further in height, so on top of my old storage cupboards. Because my new studio is 4.5 m high, this is fine. A loft was the best option for this! I had already found an old staircase, plus a few recycled cover plates. Because my studio is not very large, I opted to immediately order perfectly custom-made parts to complete the job.

I placed a base of reused Ikea IVAR cabinets and a construction on top of that. built with transverse slats and sheet material, sawn perfectly to size so that I only had to attach them. Super easy! The supporting beams are attached to the shelving units, with crossbeams made of recycled material in between and the plates on top.

Final size: What are the external dimensions?

The external dimensions are 387.0 cm wide, 91 .0 cm at a height of 236.0 cm.

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