TV cabinet made of MDF, by RH Hout Design

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What have you made?

A TV cabinet made of waterproof MDF that has been sprayed in high-gloss white. The three doors work with tip-on technology. The equipment part is made of oak panels.

How did you make the furniture?

After the moisture-resistant MDF was delivered in the correct sizes, I immediately started marking the places where the lamellos had to be milled. After quite a few milled lamellas, the TV cabinet could be assembled. This was put together with a hand full of lamellos, a jar of glue, a square and a roll of packaging tape. A few hours later, the glue had already done its job well and the hinges and doors could be mounted. The doors are handleless, so we use the tip-on system to push the door open. When the doors were hanging neatly straight, they could be dismantled again so that the TV cabinet could be sent to the painter to be sprayed high-gloss white. Back from the painter, the doors had to be reinstalled and you're done!

What are the dimensions?

Length: 150.0 cm

Depth: 40.0 cm

Height: 50.0 cm

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How next?

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