TV cabinet and storage cabinet for toys

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Inspired by internet examples, we decided to combine 3 standard IKEA toy storage cabinets into 1 large TV cabinet. Because we didn't like the white top of the IKEA cabinets with our oak floor, we decided to order a beautiful solid oak plank from

How did you proceed?

We drilled the plank through the bottom with 18 wood screws of 4 cm long (pre-drill to prevent cracks). We also secured the legs together with 2x3 screws. After installation, we stained the oak panel in the color 'rustic oak'. (Cetabever Transparent Interior Stain Door & Frame Ac 0107 Rustic Oak) to achieve the desired finish. Will soon need further sanding for the final finish of the second and final stain layer.

What are the dimensions?

The plank measures 240.0 cm with a thickness of 19mm in the rustic finish oak. Perfect for our living room!

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How next?

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