Transform your Trailer into a Bicycle Carrier, by Kenny

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2 minutes

Kenny's unique trailer bicycle carrier

Are you looking for inspiration to make your trailer multifunctional? Then take a look at Kenny's impressive transformation, who converted his trailer into a practical bicycle carrier.

Construction and unique details

With the help of, where Kenny had his wood cut to size, he installed a good bottom in his trailer. This bottom is covered with 15 mm Betonplex Birch Anti-Slip, which provides a durable and safe surface. The installed bicycle carriers allow safe transport of different bicycles. 

The advantages of realizing such a project yourself

Building a bicycle carrier in a trailer yourself offers you flexibility in dimensions and the freedom to choose materials yourself. Kenny chose to work with sustainable Betonplex, so the bottom of the trailer will last for years. In addition, building it yourself offers the advantage of working with a budget that suits you.

The finish in style

Kenny's project is completely finished and shows a rustic style that matches in the practical application of the trailer. 

The sustainable choice for Betonplex Birch Anti-slip

The use of Betonplex Birch Anti-slip was a conscious and sustainable choice for this project. This wood is known for its strength and non-slip properties, providing a safe surface for transporting heavy items such as bicycles. This type of wood is also weather resistant, which is essential for use in a trailer exposed to the elements.

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