Styling black wall furniture with a top made of robust Oak, by Bennie

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Very easy

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Wall unit black high-gloss
cover plate replaced by wood
dimensions 45.0 deep 360.0 cm long
carefully sanded and varnished 3 times with Glitsa clear varnish mat
the whole has been given a different look

Pimping the wall unit with Oak

After the black tables, it is now the turn of the wall unit
due to the good experience we have placed another order with
We have now placed a wooden cover plate on the wall unit
total dimensions 3.60 long and 44.5 deep
in 2 parts of the seam run exactly on an element of the furniture then varnished 3 times with Glitsa Parquet Lacquer (clear lacquer matt)
Everything fits together very well and gives a warm whole

The dimensions of the furniture

360.0 long x 44.5 cm deep

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