Storage cupboards under the boiler, by Nicky

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2 minutes


In this project, two cabinets have been installed that will stand in front of the boiler. Kitchen utensils and other items can be stored in these cabinets. A place has also been created between the two cupboards where the ironing board can be stored. These cabinets also cover most of the pipes.

Clear MDF storage cabinets

First I varnished all the MDF panels. I used a pore filler for the end edges so that they do not absorb the paint too hard. When the panels were all dry, I first nailed the cabinets to make it easier to work. Then I pre-drilled and screwed them in place. By nailing them they stay in place better and the work is easy to do alone.

Before the side walls were attached, I first made the holes for the shelf supports, because this is easier to do. when the panel is in place. Then I came out of the 'closet' for the ironing board, cutouts for the pipes. This way I could easily slide it over this.

Finally, I drilled the hinge holes and attached the mounting plates. Afterwards, simple handles were placed on the doors and it was done!

Custom storage cabinets

94.6 cm wide x 95.0 cm high

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