Replaced wood of the herb box in the garden, by Rob

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We have breathed new life into our herb container with the help of the cut-to-size parts. The old wood had decayed and with the new panels we hope to be able to enjoy our herbs again for a while.

Renew the herb box

To start with, I sealed all the edges of the concrete plywood with edge sealer. Treated twice.
I removed the wood from the old container and emptied the container.
Then freed the fig from the fence, which was difficult to remove.
Placed the plates along the fence and a corner connection with aluminum. profile created. the connection between the plates was made with strips of plywood.
The container was then filled again with sieved earth, compost and new potting soil for herbs.
We hope to enjoy the new container for years to come.

h3>Custom wooden herb container

The container is 320.0cm x 50.0cm x 49.0cm.

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