Panel furniture made of Multiplex Birch, by Joost

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2 minutes


I had been looking for a piece of furniture for my record player, amplifier and LPs for some time. The supply of this type of furniture is high, but there are few where you can scroll through your vinyl collection in this way.

Work description: how did you realize your project

I have the different parts attached together with screws. First pre-drilled well and then neatly concealed the holes.

After the primer, I used a matte chalk paint to give it a neat finish. I did not paint the ends.

The legs were attached in such a way that the construction can handle the weight well. The legs can carry 100 kilos each.

Depending on the thickness, approximately 150 to 180 LPs fit in the 3 containers.
To properly hold the LPs when Looking through the container, I have attached a metal rod (15mm diameter, €3.99 Gamma) to the front of the furniture.

It is best to place this before placing the side wall. Drill the holes a little with a wood drill so that the rod fits nicely.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

The furniture is 155.0 cm wide and 38.0 cm deep. The height is 23.6. cm. (Excl. legs)

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