Original bookcase for the living room, by Yasin

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Yasin wanted an original bookcase, so that the bookcase becomes part of the living room. He made a design for this himself. With sheet material cut to size by TOSIZE.it Yasin was able to get started quickly and now has a sleek bookcase in the living room. Read here how Yasin tackled his project!

Description of Yasin

We made a beautiful bookcase. We made an original design that is different from standard, so that the cupboard can be part of the living room.

How I made this project

  1. First we made a sketch and then we drew the final design in Solidworks. After receiving the custom-made wood, we measured the location of the screws very precisely.
  2. We then used corner clamps to secure the wood at 90 degrees. We started with the outer frame. We only used wood glue in the corners of the outer frame.
  3. We then attached each row.
  4. We then sawed the legs of the cabinet with the jigsaw and attached them with screws. /li>
  5. Finally, we sanded and varnished the cabinet.

Dimensions of my DIY project

Height: 180.0 cm

p>Width: 100.0 cm

Depth: 30.0 cm

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How next?

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