Oak desk with large bridge, by Ad

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2 minutes


We wanted a spacious desk in the office that ran from wall to wall. So this had to be tailor-made. We opted for a large top in two parts that is attached to the wall and one leg in the middle.

Work description: how did you realize your project

Initially I wanted do this with oak planks, but then I came across the OPMAATZAGEN.nl website. The top is too long (and heavy) to be made in 1 piece, so therefore ordered in two parts.

On the wall sides, the top is attached to the wall with a beam and impact plugs. For support, a middle leg of two upright parts and one narrower piece in front was ordered exactly to size. Slightly shorter than the width to keep the seams out of sight as much as possible.

The parts of the leg are glued, the top is loose to allow you to work. Everything fit exactly and the seam in the middle of the top fits tightly. The edges are also perfectly rounded as shown, especially at the leg, which is nice for your toes. A super nice and spacious desk that can last a very long time!

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

408.0 x 95.0 cm

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