Music Vinyl cabinet made of Poplar Plywood, by Julius

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I had been looking for some time for a cabinet in which I could store my amplifier and LPs. After spending endless hours on Pinterest and Marktplaats, I finally decided to make one myself.

DIY: Custom vinyl cabinet

First I measured the equipment, after which I measured the construction drawing (see images). Wanted to have two consoles/cabinet parts of different heights. To make it look a bit more spacious, I chose to separate these by placing a shorter and narrower plank of 9 mm Finnish Spruce underlayment in between. I finally confirmed this very simply by means of: double-sided tape.

For both cabinet parts I started by drawing all the center lines on the bottom long panels of the cabinet parts. Once this was done, I drilled 2 holes 10mm deep, 5.0cm away from the edge and then used a dowel set to make impressions on the underside of the bulkhead in question (dowel set, with a drill guide so you drill straight is a must! As well as a square!).

Do this for both the top and bottom and the whole thing should slide together like one big mechano set. The planks I used were 18mm thick. Ultimately I chose to work with 6 mm thick dowels.

Once everything was pre-drilled and all the dowels fit, I first cleaned the inside of the bottom shelf (150.0 x 40.0 cm) in clear lacquer (3 thin layers). To prevent either my amplifier or the repeated insertion and removal of the LPs from damaging the wood.

First started by attaching the outsides. These are miter sawn, so easy to glue. Check this site for the best way to approach this.

After this, it was only a matter of gluing the back, the bulkheads and the top with sufficient wood glue and applying tension with large wood clamps (or in my case, a lot of painter's tape).

To exert extra pressure, I placed a number of heavy books on top.

TIP: Take an old toothbrush and a glass of water and brush the edges where excess wood glue is seeping out. This prevents you from having to chip away dried wood glue.

Finally, I coated the outsides with clear stain (about 3 - 5 thin layers). Legs attached (google black steel legs), and a hole drilled in the left part of the upper cabinet part (use a hole saw for this).

Plywood Poplar vinyl cabinet

Outside dimensions ( LxWxH) including legs are as follows: 150.0 cm x 40.0 cm x 79.1 cm.

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