Make your own white shelving unit for the living room, by Margot & Geert

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Margot & Geert


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DIY white shelving unit: the ultimate addition to your living room

Bring your living room to life with a custom-made white shelving unit. This inspirational project by Margot & Geert, made with carefully cut to size wood from, shows the possibilities for your own creation.

The structure of the shelving unit

The shelving unit that you see , is the result of careful planning and design. The furniture consists of several compartments that offer both functionality and aesthetics. The symmetry of the compartments gives a calm and orderly appearance. Because Margot & Geert chose Primed MDF of 12 mm and 9 mm thickness, they benefited from sturdy material that is easy to finish.

Making it yourself is choosing flexibility and savings

By choosing for a DIY approach, like Margot & Geert, you have complete control over the dimensions and use of materials. This freedom allows you to fully tailor the shelving unit to your wishes and space. Moreover, you stay within a friendly budget because you carry out the installation yourself.

The style of Margot & Geert

Margot & Geert reflects a minimalist style, where functionality and form go hand in hand. The white open compartments provide space for decoration and storage, while the beech base lifts the piece off the ground, giving a unique twist to the standard cabinet.

Benefits of MDF Primed

It MDF used Primed for this project has the advantage that it is already pre-treated, which means less time is required for finishing. The 12 mm thick plates ensure robustness, while the 9 mm variant is perfect for the less stressed areas, which offers a nice balance in strength and weight.

MDF Primed 12 mm

The 12 mm MDF Primed panels are ideal for the base of your DIY shelving unit. They offer a heavy quality, making the structure reliable, while the primed layer saves time when painting.

MDF Primed 9 mm

For the less heavy parts, such as the smaller compartments, the 9 mm MDF Primed is an excellent choice. It is lighter and therefore easy to handle during installation. Here too, the pre-treated layer provides a good basis for further finishing.

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