Make your own custom TV cabinet from MDF and oak panels, by Ruud

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2 minutes

Customize your own TV cabinet so that the dimensions and finish are exactly as you have in mind. That is what Ruud has done in this DIY project. A beautiful TV cabinet made of MDF and oak. 

Description of Ruud

TV cabinet with hair pin legs. By making it ourselves we could choose a width and height that suits us. Nowadays this furniture is lower. At the rear, between the side walls, the back wall is recessed, so that you can neatly conceal all cables and a power strip can also fit behind it. The top is oak with dark gray furniture oil. The base cabinet is painted black MDF.

How I made this project

The cabinet is glued together with dowels, so you don't see any screws. The first step is to drill all the holes for this with a special dowel drill set. I then made the MDF part, glued it, primed it with MDF and varnished it. This is easy to paint because the top is not yet on. I then placed the top and bottom of the top in gray furniture oil and finished it with a top coat. Then the whole thing was glued together and the legs mounted. Tip: to prevent you from looking through the seams in the back wall, you can seal it with acrylic sealant.

Dimensions of my DIY project

H x W x D = ; 35.0 x 150.0 x 40.0 cm

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