Make your own black aquarium cabinet, by Nick

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Make a black aquarium cabinet yourself? Nick made this sturdy aquarium cabinet from black furniture panels with a matte finish. He did the assembly with slats. Curious how to make this cupboard? Read on to find out how Nick built his aquarium cabinet.

Nick's description

After (unfortunately) being scammed, I decided to make the cabinet for my aquarium myself. After seeing several examples on the internet, I got started myself!

How I made this project

I ordered finished furniture panels from to the exact dimensions that I had calculated and drawn. It was delivered very well packaged, so no damage or nasty surprises. All dimensions were perfectly tailored and finished, so construction could begin! We made and glued all the connections with a slat cutter. I opted for a closed back wall and a transverse plank at the front for more strength. The cupboard is now completely as I wanted it to be, nice and sleek black!

Dimensions of my DIY project

75.0 cm wide, 80.0 cm high and 45.0 cm deep

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How next?

This is a project for inspiration. Because our assortment has changed, (some of) the products are no longer available.

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