Make your own bedside table and desk extension, by Manfred

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2 minutes

Description by Manfred

The task was to build a bedside table for a self-built bed (solid beech), which at the same time was an extension of the self-built desk (birch plywood).

How I did this project

The difficulty lay less in the small number of parts than in the planning and the accuracy of the execution. The planning worked out pretty well with AutoCAD and the order was easy - even the grain direction was taken into account. The plywood board was sanded, the edges bevelled and the visible surfaces were painted several times with clear varnish (with intermediate sanding). The two rear corners were cut off to make room for attaching the desk lamp and various cables. The beech board was also finely sanded and the edges bevelled and was oiled (although only after it had already been assembled) to allow the wood to come into its own. The assembly was then exciting. When I realized that everything really fit exactly to the millimeter, I was quite happy. I didn't use any dowels or anchors and screwed the multiplex board (quite brutally) onto the front of the beech board and supported it on telescopic table legs. In order to completely close the gap to the existing desk and also to achieve the exact level, I screwed these two boards together from below with flat iron.

Dimensions of my DIY project

99.0 x 70.0 x 60.0 cm

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