Large children & desk made of scaffolding wood, by Robert

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I made a desk out of scaffolding wood for our 2 kids for the living room. I finished the desk with a graywash stain. The storage bins from Ikea fit nicely in it.

How did you make the desk?

I was inspired by a photo of a children's desk on the internet. Based on the space in my home, I ordered the necessary scaffolding wood from Putting it together was fairly easy because everything was already custom-made. In addition, good tools are of course useful. A cordless screwdriver is essential for this job. Finally, the desk was sanded and painted for the finishing touch. I used a good orbital sander for sanding.

What are the dimensions?

The table is 200.0 cm wide and the cabinet on the right is approximately 96.0 cm high. /p>

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How next?

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