Homemade speaker boxes, by Arjen

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3-way speaker boxes with Visaton speakers. This is a self-build project according to a VISATON design with MDF panels with a thickness of 18 mm. The panels were sawn by OPMAATZAGEN.nl

MDF loudspeaker boxes

The design for these self-built speakers is provided by the company VISATON, which supplies the speakers and other materials. You have to arrange the MDF for the cabinet yourself. In my case, the MDF panels were sawn by OPMAATZAGEN.nl.

Because it is very important that the cabinets are airtight, and in connection with an attractive result, I requested that the panels be sawn with high accuracy. . That certainly worked. I estimate that a tolerance of less than 0.1 mm was achieved. My compliments!

First step was milling the speaker holes in the front panels. The cabinets were then screwed and glued together. The screw holes and any imperfections were invisibly plastered away, after which the whole was sanded smooth. After priming and painting (matte black), the speakers, crossover filters, bass-reflex pipes and damping material were installed.

A beautiful result and a great sound.

Cabinet for speakers on size

100.0 cm x 26.0 cm x 26.0 cm

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