Homemade pine bookcase with piano, by Dirk-Jan

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On this page, Dirk-Jan shares his experience with making a homemade bookcase with a piano element. He provides useful steps and tips for this special project. With his DIY approach, Dirk-Jan has created a unique bookcase that is not only functional, but also contains an artistic element. Follow his steps and make your own bookcase with a playful and musical touch.

Description by Dirk-Jan

A bookcase containing the piano over a large part of the longest wall in the living room. Most of the wood from opmaatzagen.nl, a little from the hardware store and two profile frames from a sawmill.

How I made this project

Started making sketches in which the idea of ​​a Placing the bookcase and the piano in one cupboard would create a beautiful and usable cupboard (for us). With room for the sound system and LPs. Furthermore, we wanted clean lines, where everything fit well. After the sketch this was converted into working drawings. Then ordered the wood in two batches from opmaatzagen.nl. First made the frame. Then the planks were put in. A milled profile strip placed at the top and bottom. We colored the cabinet white with Osmo oil stain (snow white).

Dimensions of my DIY project

420 x 238 cm

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How next?

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