Homemade LP cabinet made of plywood for more than 500 records, by Kor

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I came up with the idea to make an LP cabinet with fully extendable drawers through a photo on the Internet. Can handle about 550 to 600 lps.

Work description: how did you realize your project

First made a rough sketch of what it should look like. Then the exact sizes were determined based on the dimensions of an LP. Then multiplex birch ordered from OPMAATZAGEN.nl and the threaded rods, nuts and fasteners ordered.

Threaded ends, nuts and fasteners degreased and sprayed May black with spray cans. Then the holes were drilled, plywood sanded and coated twice with clear varnish. Assembled drawers and installed drawer guides. The last step was assembling the whole thing.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

Width 131.0 cm

Depth 40.0 cm

Height 175.0 cm

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How next?

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