Homemade built-in TV cabinet from MDF, by Annette and Richard

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Custom cupboard in the living room with open and closed compartments and large drawers. The television and fireplace are integrated. Lighting has also been considered in this cabinet. The chargers for all devices have been given their own place, out of sight, in this cupboard. Just like the amplifier and Ziggo receiver.

Beautiful items, on the other hand, look great in the open compartments!

Work description: how did you realize your project

p>Inspired by ideas on Pinterest, we created the design for our personal closet together. We then made a rough sketch of the cupboard to get a good idea of ​​the requirements. Then we measured everything, calculated it and wrote it down in detail. The MDF panels were ordered online from OPMAATZAGEN.nl. The pine slats, screws and doorknobs come from the hardware store. The drawers are from IKEA and all fronts were measured afterwards and ordered from a furniture maker (veneered wood, light oak).

Making a large custom cabinet

The cabinet is 4 meters wide and 2.60m high.

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