Handy cabinets on wheels, homemade space savers from MDF, by Nicky

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Very easy

1 minuut


Two cabinets on wheels, which can be used next to each other in two directions.

  1. The end edges are shown so that you can easy to place items in the cabinets

  2. rotated 90 degrees; so you only see a black wall (the side wall) for a sleeker view.

Do it yourself: create a handy space winner

I have the plates calculated and ordered to size. I then first attached the side walls and top/bottom together with screws. First pre-drill the holes every time you screw into MDF ends!

Then I placed the back in between and nailed it in place with small nails.

I then placed the shelf in it by Drive nails into the side walls on the inside on which the shelf rests. This way I can also drive nails at a different height and change the height of the shelf.

Finally, I screwed on the wheels along the bottom.

A custom space winner make

Per cabinet: 730mm high (without wheels) x 365mm wide x 730mm deep. The wheels are 100mm high.

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