Floating minimalist desk Multiplex Birch, by Marijn and Jocelyn

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2 minutes

Do you also want to create a new home workplace? Marijn's DIY then offers you options to create the perfect home workplace yourself. A floating, stylish and minimalist desk from Multiplex Birch, who wouldn't want this? 

Description of Marijn & Jocelyn

We had not yet furnished a room in our new-build house. Due to the extensive working from home, there was a great need for a permanent workplace at home. We then made a floating minimalist desk from Multiplex Birch.

How I made this project

  1. We ordered the Multiplex Birch from TOSIZE.it }}.
  2. We chose a large plank of 150.0 x 60.0 cm (27 mm thick)
  3. Two slats of 150.0 x 15.0 cm (12 mm thick) /li>
  4. And three 'partitions' of 15.0 x 11.6 cm (12mm thick)
  5. We ordered 2 HEBGO shelf supports (480 mm) online to support the top and make it floating effect.
  6. The top had to be at a height of approximately 74.0 cm. Based on this, we attached the carriers to the wall.
  7. We first glued the top (Bison Mounting Kit Poly Max High Tech) to the carriers and then screwed them down.
  8. Then we lacquered the top with Trae Lyx Project Furniture Lacquer Extra Matt. (2 x sanded and 3 x varnished). Then we did the same with the slats and dividers.
  9. We glued a slat to the top and screwed it to the wall.
  10. The 3 dividers are on the top and on the slat glued. 2 partitions at the ends and 1 partition in the middle of the desktop.
  11. The other slat is placed in front of this. Also glued to the top. Now you have a kind of box on your desk, where you can hide plugs and wiring.
  12. We then made a hole at the bottom of the box so that a plug can be inserted from there. box) towards the power point.

Dimensions of my DIY project

The size of the desk is 150.0 cm x 60.0 cm. And hangs at a height of 74.0 cm from the ground.

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How next?

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