Drawer unit under stair cupboard, by Gerard

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Description by Gerard

I made a bookcase (earlier project) and a drawer unit under our stairs. The drawer unit consists of a body of MDF blank. I first assembled this exterior: a base plate, 2 side panels and connected them with 2 cross beams (both at the front and the back). I made the drawer boxes from plywood. I screwed this one. I used a jig to place the drawer guides all at the same height. Then the cabinet and the front panels were primed and then painted in RAL 9010 (2x).

How I made this project

First calculated all the dimensions on the computer and also signed. Then the order at TOSIZE.it. And this time everything was delivered perfectly. This way it was just a kit that could be put together. I have purchased good drawer slides elsewhere. In my order you can see exactly (part features) how the cabinet is constructed. It was truly custom work, but maybe the product will give you an idea to make this yourself. In any case, it is many times cheaper than having it made by external parties.

Dimensions of my DIY project

88.6 cm x 95.0 cm

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