Do it yourself: Renew/replace shutters with plywood, by Raymond

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Description of Raymond

Renewing shutters of the workshop. Old shutters were also made by myself 23 years ago. The old shutters really needed replacing. Now opted for 40 mm thick plywood glued waterproof.

How I made this project

Waterproof plywood of 40 mm ordered to size. Pattern determined and milled into the plates using a Metabo router. Pattern was determined by existing wooden door, in which the same pattern is also milled. After milling, the round corners are beautifully finished with a razor-sharp wood chisel. After this, the shutters were sanded with fine sandpaper and some holes filled up here and there. Lightly sanded again and prepared for priming. Primed with Sikkens Onol and then lightly sanded again. Finished with Sikkens Rubbol XD gloss in color. Then mounted the shutters and secured the shutters with shutter holders.

Dimensions of my DIY project

350 mm x 1050 mm

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