DIY Models for Mobile Presentation, by Mark

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2 minutes

The structure of the project

The models are constructed from MDF Primed 18 mm, which provides a tight and sturdy base. The panels were cut to size by Each model consists of a rectangular cabinet with wheels on the bottom for mobility. The top of the model has a raised panel, which provides better visibility during presentations.

Color and finish

The cabinets are painted white, which gives them a modern and professional appearance. This color scheme ensures that the models fit into almost any environment. The edges of the panels have been lightly sanded and given a natural wood color, which provides a nice contrast with the white of the cabinets.

Unique details

What makes these models unique is the combination of functionality and aesthetics. The raised panels not only provide extra space for presentation parts, but also give the models an impressive appearance. In addition, the cabinets are equipped with wheels, making them easy to move. This makes them ideal for use in different spaces, such as offices, classrooms or exhibition spaces.

Benefits of making your own

Making these models yourself offers numerous advantages. First of all, you have complete flexibility in terms of dimensions. You can adjust the dimensions to your specific needs and space. In addition, you can choose the materials yourself, which gives you the freedom to experiment with different types of wood and finishes. This not only makes the project unique, but also budget-friendly. By having the wood cut to size by, you save time and ensure a perfect fit of all parts.

Advantages of the types of wood used

MDF Primed 18 mm

MDF Primed 18 mm is a good choice for this project because of its advantages. The material is very stable and easy to machine, which ensures sleek and precise finishes. In addition, MDF has a smooth surface that is ideal for painting, giving the models a professional look. The primed MDF ensures that the paint adheres well and the cabinets look neat.

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