DIY: Construction on TV cabinet, by Manon

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We have made a shelving unit / construction for the TV cabinet. Gives so much more atmosphere and coziness. Ultimately painted in the same color as the wall

TV furniture makeover

Because we were not very handy in looking for a site that cuts everything to size for you. I have made a sketch of the desired situation. I was quite nervous whether everything would fit exactly, but the planks were sawn to the millimeter. Then it was a matter of a puzzle. Assemble, drill holes and screw in place. Then the screws sealed and sanded neatly. Edge sealer used for the sawn edges so that the paint is not absorbed too much. Then the card was painted in the desired color. We are very happy with the result

The dimensions of the compartment cabinet

105.0 cm wide by 195.0 cm long

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