Custom wooden plates for existing storage rack, by Marlies

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Very easy

2 minutes

Marlies has ordered custom-made wooden plates for an existing storage rack. The old plates needed to be replaced, but the storage rack was still in good condition. The panels were ordered and sawn to size and fit well.

Description by Marlies

The panels of our good storage racks became moldy and sagging in less than a year. I had been looking for new custom wooden panels for quite some time. These were less than a year old (a few months even), and moldy and sagging. Now that such a storage rack is very expensive, I thought it was worth replacing the plates. So my project: varnish chipboard, let it dry thoroughly and of course use the storage rack again. The basement is now dry thanks to a new ventilation system and dehumidifier. 

How I made this project

We first measured everything carefully to have the panels cut to size. First and foremost, each chipboard is rubbed with varnish to be on the safe side. Allow to dry thoroughly and then apply a second coat. Let them dry further outside and then place them on the rack in the basement. The basement is now moisture-free. I will use the leftover chipboard to make the ventilation holes. 

Dimensions of my DIY project

160.0 x 60.0

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