Custom toy cabinet made of poplar plywood, by Els

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Els has made a custom cabinet for storing toys. Ordering sawn plywood interior poplar online makes it a relatively simple project. But how nice is it for children to be able to grab their favorite toys and store them in their own custom toy cupboard!

Description by Els

I had been looking for a toy cupboard for some time. where the toys are beautifully presented, at the children's eye level, so that they can pick up the toys themselves. I found most existing cabinets too deep or too expensive.

How I made this project

This was mainly a practice project for me, because I am not an experienced handyman / furniture maker and in wants to build a larger plywood cabinet in the future. I worked with dowel connections because I didn't want to see any screws on the outside. I also like being able to see the layers of plywood of the shelves on the sides. Despite some minor flaws, I am satisfied with my first project and already have many ideas for future projects.

Dimensions of my DIY project

100.0 x 65.0 x 30.0 w x h x d

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How next?

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