Custom-made storage shelves in new apartment, by Anton

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Inspiring DIY project: Custom storage shelves

Are you looking for inspiration for practical storage space in your new apartment? Anton recently completed a beautiful DIY project where he transformed his pantry with custom sawn storage shelves from Using carefully measured shelves, he created a spacious and well-organized storage solution along two walls. Let's dive into the details of this unique project!

Function and adaptability

Anton chose to equip his pantry with sleek storage shelves, matching the dimensions of the space . By placing the shelves along two walls, he made optimal use of the available space. The white color of the Multiplex Birch planks provides a calm and clean appearance, while the length of the planks is precisely adapted to the width of the room. This design is not only aesthetically pleasing, but also highly functional for storing various household items.

Flexibility and precision of

The wood for this project was cut to size by, which gave Anton the freedom to make the planks fit exactly within the contours of the pantry. This professional cutting eliminates the worry of incorrect measurements and ensures that each piece fits perfectly into the planned space. Choosing your own materials and dimensions gives more freedom and a sense of satisfaction once the project is completed.

The benefits of a do-it-yourself approach

Making your own storage shelves in your home pantry means that you are not limited to standard dimensions or materials. You can choose to design and realize everything entirely according to your own wishes, which often results in a more attractive price than pre-manufactured systems. This approach contributes to the overall organization and functionality of the space in Anton's new apartment.

A harmonious style

This storage shelf project exudes a modern, minimalist style, with clean lines and a uniform white color. The design is unobtrusive and blends seamlessly with the environment of the pantry, with the emphasis on order and organization.

The advantages of Multiplex Birch White

Anton chose Multiplex Birch White of 18mm thickness for its storage shelves, which is a smart choice. This material is durable, has a high aesthetic value and is easy to process and assemble. The light color contributes to a feeling of space and light in the room, an important aspect for a small space in a new apartment.

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