Custom-made mosquito nets with hoop, by Philippe

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On this page, Philippe shares his experience in manufacturing custom-made mosquito nets with hoops. It gives practical steps and tips for this project. Thanks to his DIY approach, Philippe has created personalized mosquito nets that offer protection against insects while allowing you to enjoy the outdoors. Follow his advice to create your own custom-made mosquito nets with hoop.

Description of Philippe

I decided to build mosquito nets to put in each window to protect us. I started with the smallest ones first and will do the larger ones later.

How I carried out this project

Here, in the South of France , we have been invaded for years by mosquitoes from various families and this is unfortunately increasing. I ordered my 15 mm marine treated plywood from in the right size, and I made the final cuts (top rounding and central openings), then installed mosquito net in aluminum and plastic. Here is the final result of the mosquito nets for 5 windows, which I still have to paint.

Dimensions of my DIY project

approximately 70.0 x 60.0 cm excluding all

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How next?

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