Custom cabinet / bar & room divider, by Paul

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Because we have a fairly long empty wall in the living room, I was looking for a nice slim and open cupboard. I couldn't find anything anywhere, so I made a custom cabinet. The large open surfaces ensure that the children can easily reach them, there is space for them on the bottom 2 parts. The 3rd part is a small bar and above it there is room for books.

Work description: how did you realize your project

On the left I have made a recess in the large outer plates for the plinth & some extra space for the power cable that is incorporated in the cabinet. The size of the 4 side plates is 40.0 × 240.0 cm. All plates have a recess for the plinth, only the leftmost one, so an extra recess for the power cable. The plates are finished on the long side with an angle of 45 degrees. I glued a cover plate against this with wood glue. Then I used 6 sheets with 45 degrees sawn long sides to stick a slat against for a seamless finish. In between I stuck blocks of raw mdf in order to drill through the long plank directly into the floating planks. For the bar area, I used a 111.0 × 52.0 cm shelf. Here I finally sawed out a piece of 5.5 × 40 cm from both sides to make it fit.

Final size: What are the outer dimensions?

111,0 × 40,0 × 240,0 cm

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