Cupboard and a Housing, by handy handyman

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Very easy

2 minutes


Cabinet on castors for the hall, and a housing for an effects processor for the guitar that fits on and between a Marshall Code 100 guitar amplifier.

Work description: how did you realize your project


Work description;
well how did you realize your project;

It started with a good glass of beer and an idea to place a slightly shallower cupboard in the hall that everyone walks past.
With the glass of beer in hand and a piece of paper, they then get to work .
Normally when one came in, telephones, keys, mail, etc. were thrown everywhere, with the result that keys and telephones and other things were regularly lost.

Well now when one comes in everyone can put their phone and keys and all other things here and it will no longer spread throughout the house.


As for the housing for the guitar effects processor, something had to be provided that was the same size as the amplifier it is used with, and as conventional 19 inch rack cases are much larger than what was required. created this.

Final size: What are the outside dimensions?

length 186 cm, height including castors 80 cm and depth 36.8 cm

length 52 cm, height 9 cm and depth 24 cm

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