Clever homemade storage and play furniture with IKEA TROFAST and IVAR cabinet parts, by Rob

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2 minutes

Rob shares his creative project where he used IKEA Trofast and Ivar cabinet parts to create a smart storage and play furniture. This multifunctional piece of furniture not only provides organized storage space, but also a play area for his children. He provides useful tips and step-by-step instructions to inspire others to create similar functional and playful furniture pieces that suit their needs and space.

Description by Rob

Because with us, the toys of our 3 children were nowhere to be found in our house, so we decided to make a beautiful piece of furniture for this.

How I made this project

The furniture is a combination of ready-made and -ready cabinets from Ikea and self-made parts that we ordered from We used 2 TROFAST cabinets from IKEA as a base. Since these cabinets are made of pine, we have made a pine top on them. I rounded all the corners and edges with my sander. I placed an IVAR cabinet on top of the top. This is placed on an elevation of slats so that the doors do not scrape over the top. As a finishing touch, I made a skirting board on top of the top. I coated the entire top twice with clear varnish.

Dimensions of my DIY project

3000mm long, 460mm deep and the top is about 550mm high.

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How next?

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