Built-in cupboard, with pine carpentry panels

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Where there used to be glass and lead ensuite doors, we made a built-in wardrobe and at the same time included the entire wall in the wardrobe design. It will be my daughter's room and she helped. The rest of the room is not (completely) finished yet.

How did you proceed?

First of all, the en suite doors have been removed. The resulting hole from the other room was closed with wood and insulation material, leaving the depth of the wall in the (closet) room visible. So where the doors were there was more depth space to work with. Various design drawings were then made from which the dimensions were determined. The biggest challenge was to use the difference in depth of the cupboard spaces, i.e. 60.0 cm in the center hole and 40.0 cm around it, in a practical way. Deeper cupboards have been added in the center hole to hang coats and other items of clothing.

What are the outside dimensions?

380.0 cm wide and 265.0 cm high. /p>

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How next?

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