Bedroom bookcase, spruce furniture panels 27mm, by Peter

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Peter shares his project of creating a sturdy and stylish bookcase in his bedroom. Using 27mm thick pine furniture panels, he has created a durable and spacious storage solution for his book collection.

Description by Peter

I made a bookcase in the space above the wardrobe in the bedroom . Here was a niche 65 cm high and 30 cm deep.

How I made this project

Ordered the wood to size, which made assembly very easy!! The cupboard was divided into 3 because it became too large to install or move without damaging the cupboard. I put the 3 parts together using the slats and glue, without screws. Place the parts firmly in the clamps for 1 night to allow the connections to dry. After a test fit, all edges were milled round and everything was sanded well for the first layer of stain. Finally applied 3 layers in the color walnut to achieve the desired color! Once the paint had dried, the whole thing could be assembled. Now order a shelf to finish the edge between the wardrobe and the bookcase, and the books in it 👍

Dimensions of my DIY project

3.2m wide65 cm high 30cm deep

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How next?

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